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Electronic Claims Submission

There are a number of advantages that electronic claims submission has to offer over traditional methods. Convenience is the first thing that comes to mind—along with increased speed that comes from not having to wait for paperwork to move through the mail system.

Are you thinking about beginning to submit your claims electronically to Paramount? To avoid a professional conflict of interest, we are not able to recommend a vendor or clearinghouse to you. However, we can provide you with the clearinghouse and payer ID list that currently submit HIPAA compliant electronic files to Paramount. If you have decided to begin submitting claims electronically to Paramount, we encourage you to review this list to find the right vendor or clearinghouse for you.

If you decide to submit files electronically with Paramount, we will need a Trading Partner Agreement executed.

We appreciate your interest in submitting claims electronically to us. If you have any questions about the process of electronic claims submission, please feel free to contact the Paramount ECS System Coordinator at 419-887-2532.


At Paramount, we believe strongly in keeping electronic information accessible to our providers while maintaining the highest level of integrity and privacy for our members. To that end, we go above and beyond to make sure that our methods of conducting electronic business meet the rigorous standards set by the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). For your convenience, we have compiled our companion guide for conducting electronic business using the HIPAA transaction set. You can view and print the companion guide via the link below:

Paramount's HIPAA Companion Guide

Contact Information

The contact at Paramount in regards to submitting the 835 and 837 transactions is the ECS Coordinator at the ECS Help Desk. The contact information is as follows:

The contact at Paramount in regards to submitting the 270/271, 276/277, 278, 820 and 834 transactions is the EDI Help Desk. The contact information is as follows: