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Easy Elite Enrollment

Welcome to Paramount Elite’s Easy Online Enrollment! We make it easy and convenient for you and assure you that the information you share with us is kept confidential and secure. If you would prefer to talk to one of our Medicare sales representatives to enroll, you may do so by calling toll-free 1-888-891-0707 (TTY: toll-free 1-888-740-5670).

Important information BEFORE you begin your enrollment process

  • Please make sure you have your red, white and blue Medicare card or your letter from the Social Security Administration or Railroad Retirement Board with you in order to complete this form.
  • By completing and submitting this form, you are enrolling in one of the Paramount Elite Medicare Advantage (HMO) plans.
  • If you exit the form or close your browser during the enrollment process, your form will not be saved and you will have to start over.
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Learn More About Web Site Security

We want you to feel safe and secure when you enroll on our site. That’s why we’ve taken the following steps to make sure your information stays between you and Paramount:

  1. We use industry-standard technology to protect your information whenever and wherever you are on the site.
  2. We provide a unique identification number assigned specifically to your application.
  3. This form has an automatic timeout so you don’t leave your information open.

If you have any questions or concerns about security, please call Member Services at the number listed below.